Bajúsz-Kovács Windmill  – Orom


The area of Orom belonged to the boundary region of Magyarkanizsa / Kanjiža. In the 19th century, large-scale farmsteading began in the countryside, and in 1889 a centre was established. The railway station, school, church, shop, pub and mills were also built subsequently. From 1948 it became an independent village. In the countryside around Orom, at least 10 windmill blades were rotated by the wind in the 1890s due to the growing importance of grain production. The Bajúsz Kovács windmill, which still stands today, was built in 1869, but not in its present location. Originally it was located in the boundary region called Ostorka, where Lukács Bajúsz Kovács bought the mill and relocated it by Nagy út (the Great Road) in the 1890s. The Bajúsz Kovács family was a wealthy landowner family from Hortobágy, perhaps this is why it was worth running their own windmill. The mill was inherited by one of 15 children, István Bajúsz Kovács, who loved to do DIY the most, and he operated it until the 1950s and `60s. It became a monument in 1969 but the mill, which was still in good condition at that time, deteriorated so much that it was partially renovated in 1987, but most of its equipment was lost or disappeared.